Graves of World War I

Hamburg Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery is a war cemetery which was built and is looked after by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The war graves of 676 Commonwealth service personnel from World War I and 1,889 from World War II are located near Chapel 12 in the greater Ohlsdorf Cemetery in Hamburg, North Germany.




Graves of World War II

On the other side of the road you find 1,889 graves from World War II. After World War II 1,466 soldiers of Commonwealth nations, who were Air Force crews who had been shot down, as well as part of occupying forces, were buried here. Several years later an additional 378 persons from Commonwealth nations were buried here. Also, 14 soldiers from other nations have their graves located here. A list of names of the Commonwealth soldiers who fell in Second World War exists.




Search for a specific name

Anyone looking for a specific name is welcome to write to me. I would like to help and to take a photo of the grave. A list of names is available, which helps me to find the grave place. You can find the list on the webpage of Commonwealth War Graves Commission


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British garrison cemetery

British men, women and children rest here. Hamburg was liberated by British soldiers on 8 May 1945. The occupying forces made a major contribution to the success of a new beginning in the following years. In the harsh post-war winter, many died, not only among the German population. The British victims were buried here.